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"RTS ProteoMaster"

"RTS ProteoMaster"
for Roche Diagnostics GmbH, 2001

The ProteoMaster produces proteins and albumen with help of the genetic code.
This process only previously occurred in the human body and has served research on cell functions and further development of new medicines.
The sample is drawn into various vessels (micro titre plates, tubes etc) and placed into the ProteoMaster and rotated undergoing a continual thermic process.
Upon completion of this process, which may take several days, the sample is cooled and remains in the apparatus until is it required..
The housing is of cylindrical form, the operator/ control panel partially penetrating the body of the former, sloping at a user friendly and convenient angle. A sturdy handle and lid damper prevents the operator's fingers from being jammed.
Design, functional prototypes and construction up to series production: FABIAN Industrie-Design