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"dia start", blood analysis apparatus
for Start Diagnostics GmbH, 1999-2001

The "dia start" is a blood analysis device for doctors' surgeries. A sample of blood is taken from the patient and undergoes the tests required by the doctor.
The fully automatic machine is most simple to use with the human error factor being practically eliminated. The cartridge/ reaction kit contains the chemicals required for each of the 70 tests available.
A drop of blood is pipetted into a cartridge and mixed with reagents. The mixture reacts and is kept at a constant temperature in a climatised chamber. It is then measured optically. The results are shown on the screen and printed out on an external printer.
The form of the apparatus is structured to suit its function. The control unit faces the operator. What one does not need to see or know is hidden from view.
The apparatus is still at the test stage.